Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life is Good

Sorry friends and family that i have not blogged yet, I'm just sort of lazy and it always seems that theres something else to be done. But here's a little rehash of our lives since we've left.

We left last Wednesday and stayed over night in a grocery store parking lot in Santa Fe on the way to Hueco Tanks, TX. After a late start Thursday morning (it's ridiculously hard to get up when its around 30 degrees in the bus and you're covered in blankets) we hit the road and got into the Hueco Rock Ranch at about 7 pm that night.

Since then we've been climbing all the time. Our fingers are tore up and our bodies the same. Today we're taking our second rest day and it is much deserved, last night I was waking up all night from the soreness of just bending my fingers or turning my back the slightest bit. As Tom blogged earlier we spent our first few days just sending problems we'd been unable to get last year and it feels great to know you've gotten stronger.

Yesterday we went to east mountain which was our first time on one of the guided access only mountains. We went on a free volunteer tour with our guide Rick Oliver, who turned out to be sort of a prick, as well as a german couple and a dutch guy. We worked on two really hard but really cool problems call Ultramega v8 and Three Days Dead v6.

Three Days Dead v6

Tom on Three Days Dead

Axel and Enzo

Working Ultramega v8

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  1. Very nice! Great photos! I would love to see an updated photo of the inside of the van. So what did yr guide Rick do that made him a p----?