Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Rope

No rock climbing trip is complete without some sort of finger injury and for me it has been an ongoing struggle since January.  Most climbers can agree that it is near impossible to go cold turkey for the suggested 7 months after pulley injuries, and I am constantly reminded of this after I ruptured a pulley a few years ago.  Yesterday Mike Suleiman convinced me to go climbing at Left Flank even though my body was telling me to take a rest day and on the last route of the day, a heinous crimp fest called "Henry," I tweaked the same finger.  I am hoping to only be out a day or two at most.

So, while the Mikes are out searching for a place to climb in the rain today, I am taking refuge with Juno in the cave-like basement of Miguels Pizza Shop staring at this glowing screen all day.  This is only the first day of rain since we arrived last week and a serious improvement from  the weather at the New.

Mike S.


We finally made it to PMRP the other day, an area in the Red owned by the climbers coalition out here.  Unfortunately the bus can't navigate the steep drive in without losing it's brakes so we parked at the top and made the long hike in.  After hearing that break-ins are a weekly occurrence at the Motherload parking lot this may be a blessing in disguise.  Every car in the lot was left with the windows down to save them the cost of replacing a broken window.  One van we saw even had signs posted in every window saying "door is open."  Asside from the "Motherload" PMRP is home to many other classics including Amarillo Sunset (5.11b).  Aesthetically this is one of the best routes out there.  Congrats to Mike Suleiman for snagging the flash!

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