Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frigid but still alive

Hey all, sorry family my phone's been off for the last 3 or 4 days but I am alive. It has been frigid here the last few days. Last night it dipped to about 8 degrees and we had t0 bundle up hardcore in our beds. Juno ended up sleeping with Tom and becoming his pillow for the night. It is only supposed to be colder the next few days and we are taking solace in ihop and starbucks. We somehow spent 47 dollars at ihop between three of us (we've made a friend named matt and hes pretty cool).

We have made a few changes to our trip plans as well and have some more definite dates about where we'll be. In about three weeks we're heading up north and west a little to Vegas/Red Rocks where we will hopefully meet Kayla and friends. Hopefully along the way we'll spend a night in Tempe, AZ and possibly climb for a few days in Priest Draw near Flagstaff, AZ if the weather is permitting. At around March 10th or a little earlier we will leave from Red Rocks to Bishop, CA where we will spend at least a month. Now here are where the plans change, we are completely skipping the pacific northwest and Squamish to go to Utah as the gas will be too expensive and take us too far out of the way. We want to spend April and May in Utah at various places but mainly Joe's Valley, Ibex, and hopefully lesser known area called Mill Creek. We then want to spend some summer months in the high country of Colorado. Going to Rifle, RMNP, Mt. Evans and various other places. Mid to Late summer will be spent driving East spending some time in Philly at the end of the summer and heading south to the West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

We have a lot of pictures and video we've yet to post so maybe we can get some up later today or tomorrow because it will definitely be too cold to do any climbing.


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  1. You should keep in touch when you're on your way out east...there's some folks in Ohio here that would love to hear where you're headed!