Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain...and more rain...

At the moment I am relaxing at Cathedral Cafe in Fayettville, West Virginia, just a few minutes from our campsite.  Despite the rain and fog that have blanketed this portion of the east coast lately I am really enjoying my time in the New River Gorge.  We are thinking about leaving for the Red River Gorge, KY some time around the first and as always it is saddening to think about leaving my current "home."  Every destination we have been to has been the same for me.  I arrive doubting that our new destination will match what the last one had to offer, am proved wrong and begin to love it, and before I know it we are leaving.  And the cycle repeats...

Being from Colorado I never expected West Virginia to amount to much, but spending 2 weeks in Fayettville has shown me otherwise.  Voted one of the coolest small towns in the US, there is endless opportunity for outdoor enthusiast.  I almost feel like I fit in here as there are only 3 categories of people so far as I can tell; climbers, rafters and the stereotypical hick.  I hope I am right in thinking that I don't belong in the last category, especially after going through the process to replace my missing front tooth.  Although I am skeptical that the Red River Gorge will compare to the New I am looking forward to it.  The climbing style consists mostly of overhung long pumpy routes that will require a different set of skills than the technical routes here.  Of course it seems like I am finally starting to feel semi-comfortable with the style in the New just before leaving and I am hoping it won't take as long to feel strong in the Red as it did here.

We have been climbing as much as possible with the weather and have been on a bunch of great routes.  Enjoy the pictures and keep checking back!



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