Sunday, September 18, 2011

An unexpected addition...

Despite the hours of planning that has gone into this trip, it seems that we are always faced with new challenges and surprises.  Yesterday is a great example.  After making the best breakfast burritos ever for dinner and hanging out on the porch of "Rogers Rockytop Retreat," a young climbing couple approached us and asked if any of us wanted to adopt the puppy they had found while climbing.  Apparently this little guy had been wandering around Summersville Lake with 2 others without a collar or any owners.  Lucky for him, 'cus now he belongs to Pickle (Mike Pack).  His name is Chooch and we are guessing he is around 4 months old.  This weekend has been perfect temperatures and every climber on the East coast must have heard.  The campsite is bustling with climbers, dogs and cats.  The climbing here is great and we have seen a new place every day so far.  I will post some climbing pictures next time!


Tent neighbors kittens
Tent neighbors kittens

Still #1...
#2 (Chooch)

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