Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bye Siebe...Fun with the bus window

Siebe is leaving us...finally...tomorrow morning.  Mike and I are certainly bummed out to have to say goodbye.  Sore tips (finger) and a somber attitude about Siebe leaving made climbing awful today.  Mike is out for a few days with some sort of an injury in his back, and I think I may have strained a pulley in a finger.  It looks like the next few days will have to be rest days, and Mike and I are considering moving on to a new place.  Our friend TJ is in Flagstaff, AZ and we are considering going there to climb with him before heading to Joes Valley, UT.  We are men without a plan...and I like that.  It seems like that is what makes this trip most exciting.  Seeing new places that we were not expecting to see.  It is refreshing leaving one place and having a fresh start somewhere else.  Bishop is an AMAZING place to climb however injuries and poor weather have made it hard for Mike and I to truly enjoy all it has to offer.  I feel like I have not climbed nearly as much as I would have liked, and it is a tough decision to stay a few more weeks, or move on.  We are taking the day tomorrow to decide.

Siebe, Mike and I went to a natural hot springs near Mammoth Lakes the other day.  It was filthy but very relaxing and needed.  Juno ever tried getting in, but decided it was too hot for her immediately.  Last night we went and saw the Banff mountain film festival in Bishop.  They played 6 short films from different categories including climbing, mountain sports (not climbing) and a few others.  If anyone is looking for some entertaining movies to watch check out "Eastern Rises," a really well made film about fly fishing in Russia.  I is boring, but this film will make you think otherwise.  If anything enjoy the wild landscape of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.  Its insane how isolated it is.

Anyways, till next time...




  1. looks like you need to shower or patent the natural grease you have in your hair! we miss you guys, but know you are having the time of your life! Love, Dad (Fred to Mike)