Friday, April 15, 2011

Fleeing Flag to the Mormons of Moe's

On Tuesday after almost a week in Flagstaff, AZ we've left for Utah to get saved by our friends Joseph and Brigham after all the sinning we accomplished so well in Flagstaff.  The rest of our Flagstaff  trip included a lot more spending and pool playing and gambling and nearly zero climbing.  In an earlier post Tom mentioned he would update you all on our billiards rivalry.  He never did; probably because me and TJ proceeded to whoop on Thomas and Jesus very shortly after he posted last.  With that out of the way though, the last 4 days in flagstaff we're a blast.  We taught Thomas the ins and outs of Texas Hold'em and found that poker tournaments are a great new way to pass the time at night(playing only for pennies of course).  

Monday was TJ's birthday so on Sunday night we got a hotel room and went to the Talib Kweli show in town.  It's interesting to look at the pictures and see what dirtbags do when they get to a hotel room(we cooked ramen in camping stoves and ate leftover burritos).  It was a blast, it was an amazing concert and we all experienced our introduction to the infamous Four Loko malt liquor and really felt the consequences the next day.  Monday, the day after the concert, was our next day of climbing after the snow came.  We were terribly hungover and the rock was still soaked; TJ didn't even leave his van, he just slept in his bed while we attempted to climb.  So after about two hours of non-climbing we accepted defeat, cut our losses, and decided to flee flagstaff the next day.  Before we left we all got some dinner together and played one more night of pool.  Tom and Jesus one that one but still lost the overall series...

The drive to Utah was probably the most beautiful of the trip, we past beautiful sandstone cliffs and boulders that looked to be world class climbing but was private property and off limits.  Then we went over a huge river gorge and stopped and walked across it and took some beautiful pictures.  Then over a few mountain passes with the most trees we've seen in months and into the great Mormon state of Utah.

Utah is incredible, it is the most beautiful place in the country and the climbing is just as good.  We stayed our first night in a WalMart parking lot and it was one of the most massive Walmarts I've seen.  It seems that Mormons really love that place, I guess they just like everything in bulk (like their wives and children).  On Wednesday we re-upped on supplies and hit the boulders.  The sandstone here is flawless and I've loved virtually every problem we've seen.  The camping is a quarter mile walk to the boulders and completely free, the boulders are no where near as crowded as anywhere we've been and its common to run into only 1 or 2 other groups of climbers a day.  Its a nice change of pace from spending all the time in the town of Flagstaff.  Tom and I are really excited to get on some hard boulder problems and really get back to business here in Utah.  We've already began working on a v9 called Gription and we're getting close to sending our first v9's (Tom is really really really close).  So long, and enjoy the pictures!

-Mitchtits and Tom-bomb

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