Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mini Update and the Art of the Dirtbag Lunch

Still in Moe's Valley. This place is amazing and I looooove sandstone, Tom is making a video of the trip here and we need to send some hard sheezy before it gets posted. Toms working a v9/10 called Lindner's Roof and I'm about to get a way hard sandbagged v6 called Ripploid that involves a big throw off a completely vertical sidepull and really high feet. We're leaving here in 5 or so days and I am really looking forward to developing a small crack addiction in Indian Creek.

Here's two funny pics from my cell phone:

This is what we call a dirtbag lunch. Egg salad made from two hardboiled eggs that I jacked from a hotel buffet and many packets of Del Taco sauce (similar to Taco Bell sauce) because we had no mayo.

This is a hilarious book I found at a Mormon thrift store. And this is the direct quote from the back of the book. Really, what kind of children's book teaches kids to sniff glue?

Living in the peaceful city of Pickax may be restful, but it certainly isn't dull. At least not for one of the most eligible bachelors in town, veteran newspaperman Jim Qwilleran.

Having inherited millions, Qwilleran and his two feline companions, Koko and Yum Yum, are preparing to settle down into a life of purrfect luxury. That is, until the son of a rich banker and his wife are found murdered.

To the police it looks like a robbery gone awry. But then Koko develops an odd appetite for glue. Qwilleran doesn't spot the clue until his beloved Siamese's taste for paste tangles them in a web of love, danger, and their stickiest case yet!

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  1. you guys need to learn to live without jesus and I, only then can you live with us.