Saturday, May 7, 2011

Joe's Valley Pics!

Here are some of the pictures we have taken in Joe's (as well of Siebe loving on Juno). 
They don't do it justice to how beautiful it is.  We have spent the last few days climbing with our friends from Bishop, David and Christine, and today Siebe arrived.  Juno is having a blast hanging out with David and Christine's female dog, Steve.  Mike is leaving for Philly on Tuesday and is heading into Salt Lake tomorrow with David and Christine.  That means I am alone for a while, and I am glad that Siebe will be here, and hopeful that TJ will actually arrive tonight.  I will be leaving to go to Littleton for a little under a week on the 13th for graduation celebrations!  Call me if you want to hang out.  I am looking forward to driving my race car, having a shower, and of course seeing my friends and family.  Oh ya, I am bringing Juno too.  She needs a bath more than I do.  

The climbing here really is amazing.  Fortunately we picked up a copy of the new Joe's guide.  It lists over 300 more new problems since the last edition, an outdated copy printed almost a decade ago.  We checked out a new area called Dairy Canyon a few days ago where I sent my first V9 called "Stir the Pie!"  Grades are frustrating in many aspects, especially when you break a new personal grade barrier.  It is hard to let yourself believe that you worked hard enough/are strong enough to have truly attained a higher level of climbing.  After giving it a lot of thought, I do think that I worked harder/wanted it more than any V7 or V8 I have done, and it just so happened to match my style of climbing.  But, who cares...It was a fun climb and I am glad I sent it regardless of the grade. 

Some other notable favorites of this trip so far have been "The Angler," "Wills of Fire," & "Kill by Numbers."  "The Angler" climbs diagonally along a rail that tops out above the cold river below.  Classic.  I have a list of over 20 problems I would really like to do in the Left Fork area alone (there is also a right fork and New Joe's). 
There is enough great already established climbs here to fill a life-time of climbing, and endless possibility for new ascents.  I am already bummed about the prospect of leaving Joe's.  Any one want to come visit now?  I am working on another video for Joe's and should be finished with it in a few days after we get some worthy footage.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo and don't forget about Mothers Day tomorrow...


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