Monday, May 16, 2011

Just before taking the plunge

Mike left last Sunday for Salt Lake City where he spent a few days hanging out before flying to Philly.  Juno and I were left to fend for ourselves for a few days before I went home.  Luckily TJ and Siebe showed up to spend some time in Joe's with me.  We had a great few days of climbing, eating and waiting for the rock to dry after days of rain.  Aside from climbing, we spent a lot of time scouring the bus for mice after finding holes in the tortillas and sugar bags.  After 2 days of searching with no luck I resorted to a mouse trap and it only took one night to catch the culprit...Siebe left us for the last time and began his way west, making a quick stop to lead all 10 pitches of "Moonlight Buttress" in Zion.  Good luck buddy!  I am writing this blog post from my brand new MacBook Pro which I bought after I was told the damage from a coffee spill on my old computer would cost $900.  It is bittersweet, but I am excited to work on photos and videos with a faster computer.  I should have an edit from Joe's Valley soon!


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  1. New macbook pro bro? Nice!!! I'm looking forward for the joe's valley movie! How are you going to call you productions? Gaylord Production?