Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joe's Valley, UT

We arrived in Joe's Valley, Utah a few days ago.  This is the portion of the trip that I was most excited about lately after hearing nothing but positive things from all of the climbers we have met along this trip.  Although we have only spent a few days here so far, it is already proving to be as great as I expected which is a good feeling.  We are supposed to pick up a copy of the brand new Joe's guide book later this afternoon and have been using an outdated copy for the last few days.  The first day we spent a few hours climbing on some easy classics which were amazing.  I will post pictures and video soon.  We also went to an area called the "Hulk" where Mike sent "Frosted Flakes," a neat highball problem with a scary top-out.  Yesterday we were surprised with a visit at our campsite by David and Christine, friends we met in Bishop and who currently live in SLC.  We had a great day climbing on some unique rock in a new area of Joe's called Dairy Canyon. 

Joe's is a nice break from the desert climbing we have been doing the majority of this trip.  Parts of it are still snowy and we should have perfect "sending-temps" for the next few weeks.  The only downside is the nearest town of Orangeville doesn't offer quite as exciting rest-day activities  as some of our other stops.  There is a library that is just one room, and a food barn.  The food barn had a sign on the outside that say's racket ball, but we are not sure if that means you can play there, or they sell the gear for it.  At least we have some good books and great scenery to enjoy.  We are waiting (still) for our amigo TJ to get here.  I have been taking some good videos and pictures that I will post soon!  It was a nice surprise to check CNN. com and see that the rumors were true, and we have actually killed Osama.  Who wants to see THOSE pics? 

Hope you are all doing well. 


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  1. Sounds great! i'm excited! I hope my car get fixed tomorrow morning, then I'll be there tomorrow afternoon!

    See you Suckers!