Monday, August 22, 2011


Lincoln Lake
Mike and I began the 1,749 mile drive from Denver, CO to Philadelphia, PA today.  The bus is running great considering it sat around for over 2 months in the heat.  Leaving Colorado for the second time was much different than when we left in January.  Instead of wearing down jackets to stay warm since our heater sucks, we are wearing next to nothing since our air conditioning (or lack there of) sucks even worse.  We were planning on stopping somewhere to get a generator for the aftermarket air conditioner that came in the bus, but Kansas doesn't have ANYTHING which is making this drive seem like it is taking forever...I'm sure Juno is really missing the air conditioned homes, wood floors and fenced in yards that she had this summer.

The plan is to spend a few days in Philadelphia with Mikes family before making our way to New York to watch the US Open (, climb in the Gunks and hang out at Mikes house in upstate New York.

We are glad to be back on the road, and appreciate everyone in Colorado showing us a good time and providing us a place to stay!  Thanks and keep checking the blog!  We will be posting much more regularly.


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  1. yeauh, yeauh, yeauh. . .you come right on over, then down, to my neck of the woods. see you two fools soon