Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are about $450 deep in the drive and only in Illinois.  I have seen lighting bugs for the first time since I was a kid in Virginia, a dead armadillo, a million and one signs saying God loves me in Kansas and Missouri, and the gateway to the west in St. Louis.  We stayed in a Walmart parking lot in Topeka, Kansas last night where I found out that a generator to run our AC unit is $1,500...That is enough to last us a few months on the road so we opted for a cheap inverter and a 6 inch personal fan.  If we were in a faster car we might have made it to the east coast in time to feel the earthquake.  And if we were in any slower of a car we probably would have felt the freak earthquake in Colorado.  Seems like we are lucking out and the signs all through Kansas and Missouri were right...


  1. you are becoming a very good photographer and an even better writer. Kiss juno, tell Mike hello and be safe. Call you in a few days