Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene who??

Hurricane Irene was predicted to be the worst storm Philadelphia would see in decades, so Mike and I decided to skip town with a couple friends.  We went to Mikes cabin in upstate New York and lived like true mountain men for a few days.  Beer, guns, scrabble and a grill (and a 5 hour Chinese war movie) proved to be a sufficiant way to pass a hurricane.  I know it is probably bad to say, but it was slightly disappointing to drive back in to Philly, one of the "worst hit" by Irene, and have no real signs of a hurricane.  Nonetheless it was nice to see that the bus and the Packard house was still firmly planted where we left it.  

I just bought a new micro 4/3 camera to replace my old DSLR and the cabin was a great place to test it out.  It will take some getting used to but I really like it so far.  We will be hanging out in Philly for a few days before going to NY for the US Open on Thursday.  Juno is going to be staying in a luxury pet resort near Mikes moms house.  After calling 10 kennels in the Philly area and not finding one under $25 a night, I decided to go with the luxury resort that includes "potty walks" for $30 a night.  She has only stayed in a kennel 1 time, and I left it up to my parents to book it.  I was surprised to see the extensive list of additional activities you can set up for your dog.  A 10 minute session of belly rubbing is only $6 for you dog at Country Kennels, and 3 "potty walks" for the dog that is a "true adventurer" is only $9 a day.  At Molly's Country Kennel you can really splurge and buy special #2 which includes a tooth brush, bedtime mint for fresh breath and a bedtime story.  What a bargain at $10.95...Anyways I think she will enjoy it.

Despite all the fun we are having in Philly, we are definitely excited to start climbing hard again.  While we were in the strange town of New Paltz, NY I bought the guidebook for the New River Gorge.  It is the biggest guide book I have ever seen and it is very obvious that a month will be nowhere near enough time!!  We will be getting there just as the temps get good in mid-september.   


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  1. What up Tom and Mike!

    This is Erich we met you guys at Moe's Valley and again in Moab in April. Sounds like you are having a of fun now that you are back on the road. Purchasing the New River Gorge guide was a good move. The new is now OFFICIALLY the best crag in America and it has the best guide book ever to back it up. Come on down to NC and visit. You have a place to stay any time.