Saturday, March 19, 2011

Done with Vegas

As Mike so kindly mentioned in the last post, I was home visiting my girl friend, friends and family while trying to recover from an injury I received in Red Rocks.  I had a great trip back home full of great food and warm showers.  Kayla and I visited my grandma in Ouray for a few days and had a great time.  It felt really strange knowing that I was a visiter to my own home, and I was even more of a visiter in Ouray.  Thankfully Gammi (grandma) still treated me as family and allowed us to soak in the hot-springs and eat great food.  It as hard having to say goodbye to family and friends again, but I was excited to get back to climbing.

Unfortunately flying into Vegas I did not feel the same level of excitement as I did when Mike and I first arrived.  Vegas is such a dirty city and I was not looking forward to straying in parking lots again.  Mike and Siebe were forced to relocate from Barnes & Nobles to Borders/Lowes parking lot.  Having Barnes & Nobles books, coffee and internet just a few feet from my bed was quite enjoyable, however the owner unfortunately did not share this feeling.  I suppose this is understandable.  Also my heel still felt sore and I knew I would not be climbing at the same level for a few days.  I was relieved to see that Juno was still alive when I flew back into Vegas.  Mike and I spent the next day bouldering in Red Rock and playing frisbee-golf with Siebe (he had never heard of it) on a cool course in Vegas.  After 2 nights of staying in the Lowes parking lot and climbing in warmer weather, Mike and I decided to head to Bishop earlier where the temps are cooler and the camping does not involve parking lot lights, loud music or the constant buzz of Vegas night life.


We have been here two nights now and have been staying in the big climbing campsite, the Pit.  For only $2 a night this is a great deal and has bathrooms and lots of other climbers.  Bishop is made up of 3 main climbing areas...The Happies, Sads and Buttermilks.  The huge freestanding boulders of the Buttermilks are what Bishop is famous for.  Mike and I climbed two days in the Happies and have decided that it is a poor version of Hueco.  For this reason we are going to camp in the Buttermilks (FREE!!!!) and spend most of our time climbing here as well.  The rock  in the "Milks" is said to be more sharp, so we will climb in the other areas when we need our fingers to recover.  

The Happies

Inside our home

We dont have many pictures since I was gone for a week, but we should have some awesome shots from Bishop in the next post!!!!



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