Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emergency Update: On The Lam!!!

100% Real Direct Quote from the Las Vegas Tribune

As of 7:00 AM PST on Thursday the 10th of March the "Reign of Terror" on the Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, and Pier 1 Imports parking lot by the outlaws Mike Packard, Siebe Vanhee, and Juno the Dog has finally ended. Early this morning "sorry asshole in glasses", the pride of the TAS armed security detail decided to take on the gunslingers. After a few hard raps on the bus door Mike, abruptly awoken and outraged, finally answered the door. To his surprise it was a short stocky lame security guard ready to kick him out. But with Juno in hand he was ready to cause havoc like the villain he is. "Sick balls Juno" cried Mike, hoping Juno would ruthlessly lunge for the guards testicles. Juno, only being half obedient, proceeded to lick her own genitalia; an embarrassing end to the showdown. In a last ditch effort Mike unleashed a vicious onslaught of "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know we weren't allowed's" on the guard to but no avail and the criminals were finally exiled to the Petsmart and Smith's Grocery parking lot 1/2 mile down the road.

So we've been in Vegas for nearly 2 weeks now, living in the same parking lot that I've grown awkwardly attached to. But that stage has now come to an end. Today is a rest day so I think it will be spent taking Juno to a nice park as well as scouting out possible homes (parking lots) for the future. As Thomas posted earlier he has been in Colorado this week doing that whole ball & chain thing. Meanwhile I'm just trying to climb as much as possible, working on my endurance and my mental game. I haven't gotten many pictures because there's only 2 of us so no one to act as photographer while the other is belaying, but here's some old pictures that I never posted.


  1. Some great writing, Mitchell. You must be having fun with your own ball and chain off in Coloraddy. I asked him to ask you why you're still frail as ever even though all you do is rock climb but he probably didn't get around to it. I'm heading west around April 20. Possibly retracing the route we made coming east over the summer. I'll try to link up with you all if I can.

  2. Pictures look great man! Parking lots come and go you can't get too attached while your a man of the road. Good luck finding new digs. PS what kind of asshole sideways talks about talking shit? Only a leader of time Juno will know to sick balls when it counts.